MORE.MMR 游戏相关界面设计


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立即下载 is a service, representing a library of high quality video lessons (created with assisstance of professional cyber sportsmen), including smart analytical systems, complex in-game quests, and a personal detailed analysis of the p 's mistakes for each match. The service is designed for p s of any level: for beginners, as it gives the opportunity to learn how to play and get to a decent level, and for experienced p s, too, - to improve their skills. Read less

大意:Moremmr. 是一项游戏相关平台服务设计项目,代表一个高质量的视频课程库(由专业网络运动员协助创建),包括智能分析系统,复杂的游戏内任务,以及对每场比赛的球员错误的个人详细分析。该服务专为任何级别的玩家设计:初学者,因为它提供了学习如何玩和达到体面水平的机会,也为经验丰富的玩家提供 - 提高他们的技能。阅读更少

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