Movee – 旅行共享汽车App概念设计【附Sketch源文件】


来自波兰的设计师Marcin Dmoch分享的Movee – 共享汽车App概念设计【附Sketch源文件】,用于比较不同的旅行方法。他创建了一个不同的UI来检查有关预订时间和成本的信息。如果您喜欢这个资源,请分享它,也许它可能激发某人将这个应用程序变为现实。



Marcin Dmoch, a fellow designer from Poland, is sharing his concept app for comparing different travel methods. He created to introduce a different UI for checking information about booking times and costs. If you like this resource, share it and perhaps it might inspire someone to make this app a reality.