我创建了一个概念性的想法,并为视频制作公司设计了一个标识,专门为初创公司,IT公司,在线服务和软件产品在线视频。 “播放”按钮,用于“视频制作”; “讲话泡沫”为“解释”,“解释者”; 字母“B”,公司名称的首字母。

Bandini Videos logo design
I've created a conceptual idea and designed a logo for a video production company specializing in creating explainer videos for startups, IT-companies, online services and sowtware products. The logo mark reflects the company’s specialization, combining the symbols: - “play” button for “video production”; - “speech bubble” for “explanation”, “explainer”; - letter “B”, the initial letter of the company’s name.