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Founded in 2002. in Washington under the name Stevenson Design Studio consisted of three designers. In 2014. another three designers became a partner with Stevenson and they’ve decided it was time for a rebranding due to merge of two companies. Hexagons interior design & architecture studio today consists of six team members (hence, the name Hexagons) dedicated to a minimalist and high-class design. As they branched their company, they also expanded their target audience to larger corporations and institutions.



The Mission

The main goal was to present the Hexagons as a professional collective in order to position the brand better to the exclusive market. The team wanted to differentiate itself in the saturated market, moreover, they wanted to distinguish from other interior designer brands. 


The Output

The team was looking for a simple, well-executed design to reflect their work, as well as their company. After two creative conversations, a brand messaging session with the team we delivered three options. They decided on a simple, geometrical logo and further direction of a brand. After that, we built a new visual identity, website and other business materials like business cards and commercial materials. 


The Impact

The brand wanted to attract more high-class clients, and they did. Within three months, they signed the contract with one of the Fortune 500 companies. Not only that, because of the new website and the social media identity system the number of visitors skyrocketed by 128% in the last three months, and the bounce rate dropped by 34%.









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