At Liege Airport – Belgium, we believe innovation is the only way forward for the air cargo industry.

WeCargo | Airport Innovation Lab & Summit is an initiative of Liege Airport & Leansquare. The event has the mission to inspire the global air cargo community: digitalization, unmanned vehicles, drones, blockchain, AI, etc. are hot topics that will create next opportunities for (cargo!) airports and air freight stakeholders.

Those 10 days are fully dedicated to start-ups, hackathon, investors funds, key cargo p s, very high-level panels and speakers to create deal flows, partnerships and inspiration.



WeCargo | 机场创新实验室和峰会是列日机场和精益广场的一项举措。该活动的使命是激发全球航空货运界:数字化,无人驾驶车辆,无人机,区块链,人工智能等是热门话题,将为(货运!)机场和航空货运利益相关者创造下一个机会。




A brand is so much more than what it looks like that’s why we don’t just create logos, we help our partners to establish an all-encompassing brand experience. We build or rebuild a brand from the ground up, creating a look and a personality that will generate results and make for change.

Interface design

We design with data. Reviewing existing analytical data allows us to understand & identify missed opportunities & to create an appropriate design strategy. We excel in creating platform independent web app UI’s. Also, having created several iOS and Android apps.